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Enigma High: Season of the Witch

Help Vanquish Kalabar!

Difficulty Level: Medium
Recommended # of Players: 2-10
Recommended Age Level: 13+

This room is not a handicap accessible room due to a flight of stairs

WARNING: This room is dark and requires flashlights (Provided)

Enigma High School has a long and storied history. Some of it darker than the school would like to admit.

A dark entity known as a Guardian has attached itself to a student who holds torn out pages of The Book of Shadows. The student recruits some of her fellow students to go into the school's basement under the guise of "creating cheatsheets" for the upcoming midterms. You unknowingly start reading chants from these pages that set free The Guardian, Kalabar, back into our world.
Now, trapped in the underbelly of the school, you discover Kalabar isn't the worst thing that could be unleashed. Kalabar is trying to bring back the darkest witch of all, Ms. Frizzle!

Can you vanquish Kalabar and stop him from bringing back Ms. Frizzle?

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