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Gingerbread Connection

Gingerbread Connection | Chrismas Escape Room

A Detective Holiday Special!


Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard

Recommended # of Players: 2-10

Recommended Age Level: Perfect for Families!

Iris Trenton may be a criminal but she's firm on one thing: You don't mess with Christmas. Interpol has informed her a smuggling operation has been using her network of places to move product over Christmas. Deciding to help Interpol stop these low level smugglers, she goes undercover to infiltrate the operation. 

Iris has gone dark...

3 Months after she infiltrated the operation, you received a suspicious Christmas card in the mail. It has all the earmarks of one of Iris's games and you realize that this must be Iris reaching out for help. Tracking where the Christmas Card came from you arrive at the home of Hans & Gretel Gruber... what awaits inside?

Can you follow Iris Trenton's breadcrumbs to put an end to this smuggling operation before they ruin the Holiday season? 

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