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What is an Escape Room?

An escape room, also known as a "escape game", is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. 

Games are set in a variety of fictional locations and are meant to test your mind, how you think, and your teamwork/communication skills 

Am I Really Going to be Locked in a Room?

Some rooms the doors will remain unlocked at all times.

Others there will be a emergency key.

Will There Be Other People in Room With Us?


There will be no other players but your party in the room. 

If you wish to add players to your group you are welcome to.

Booking an entire room will allow up to 8 players.

How Many People Per Room? Cost?

2- 8 Players: $30 per player 

Children ( ages 7-12) -$20 each (An Adult must be part of the group.)

*If your party wishes to have more than 8, please let us know. 

*Please see room descriptions for each rooms capacity.

Is it One Room or Multiple?

While many escapes rooms do incorporate multiple rooms into one escape adventure most of our rooms are a single room escape experience. We' re sorry if this is not to your liking but many elements factored into this decision and it was not done lightly. Remember though it's not about how many rooms you may enter but if you can solve the puzzles ;)

Can We Just Walk In or Do We Need Reservation?

Our gamemasters are scheduled based upon the online booking schedule. This schedule also tells you about the games and all the times the game is available throughout the day. It is your best source of information for if we have rooms available. Please use it.

 Each room will fall off the schedule 60-90 minutes before it's scheduled start time to ensure enough time for customers to make it to the game and our employees to have the room ready. 

While we will accept walk ins, it is best to call ahead as 

There is no guarantee a room will be available for you. 

Call if more details needed

Do I Have to Pay when I book

or Can I Book & Pay Later

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept pay on arrival bookings. 

Too many groups have called, booked a room, and then never showed up. 

This is unfair not only to our customers who could have booked that time or room instead, but also greatly affects our business as our gamemasters are scheduled based on the bookings made. 

Now that being said: IF your group wishes to split payments. Since all games are private currently, book for 1-2 players in your group the specific room and time, then you can either call us or upon arrival inform us of the additional players and they can pay on arrival. Card or Paypal accepted. Cash must be exact change. 

What Time Should I Arrive?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game.



PLAN ACCORDINGLY! Calling us prior to your game if there is a delay though will reflect better than just no-showing. 

What If I Can't Make It For My Game?

  • We Can Reschedule your reservation up to 24 hrs before scheduled booking. Please Call Us at earliest possible time. 

  • Sorry No Cancellations* or Refunds (extreme weather circumstances permitted)

Age Limits?

Each Room is recommended ages 12 & up.

Children Under 6 must be supervised at all times. 

Please understand our gamemasters are here to watch your group if you need help with puzzles, we cannot watch your children as well. 

We apologize if this is an inconvenience for your group. 

​Children: 7-12, tickets are $20 for this age group.

Anyone over 12 is considering an adult ticket. 


  • At least one person 18 or older must present.


*Please be mindful of the description of rooms when booking due to possible scary/adult elements/ specific items inside of room.*


Military (Active Duty/Vet) & First Responders*

    $24/per ID card holder**

Children (7-12) - $20/per child**

Corporate Team Building Events – Call for Inquiry

Birthday Event- Call for Inquiry

*PLEASE HAVE Identification ready upon arrival.

Failure to have identification will result in additional payment needed.

** Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions unless otherwise noted. 

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