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Enter The Enigma - Escape The Enigma
About Us: 

Are you ready to escape reality and embark on a thrilling adventure? Enter The Enigma is a family-operated escape room in Colorado Springs that's designed to challenge, engage and entertain your mind. Our rooms are uniquely crafted in-house, ensuring that you'll be experiencing a one-of-a-kind adventure. Gather your friends and family and join us for an unforgettable time filled with thrilling puzzles and challenges. Book a session with us today and let the excitement begin!

Our Rooms:

Enter the Enigma Season of the Witch. Can you stop Kalabar before he destroys the world?

Enigma High:

Season of the Witch

You and your fellow students have accidentally brought back the demon Kalabar. Now you must recover the lost pages from The Book of Shadows to stop him before he is reunited with the darkest witch of all…

Recommended Players: 2-10
Difficulty Level: Medium

The Professor's Study. Can you find the Professor or will you be swept away in his paranoia?

The Professor's Study

As part of Professor Alabaster's research team you find yourselves swept up in the archaeologist’s paranoia as you attempt to plan a major expedition.

Recommended Players: 2-8
Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium

Gingerbread Connection. Can you stop the smugglers before they ruin Christmas?

Gingerbread Connections

Interpol has been tracking a smuggling operation with the help of the master criminal Iris Trenton. Iris has gone dark....was she found out? Was she playing Interpol from the start?

Recommended Players: 3-10
Difficulty Level: Hard

The Locksmith. Can you solve Mr. Locke's riddles or will you be locked in for good?

The Locksmith

Mr. Locke has passed away and the town is wondering who will take over his shop Surelock Homes Locksmithing and Securities. With no heirs, who will inherit the company?

Recommended Players: 2-5
Difficulty Level: Medium

McManus' Map. Can you trust McManus and his map, or will you become one of his antiquities.

McManus' Map

You've discovered where Professor Alabaster has gone, but a mysterious man named Jacoby McManus claims to have a vital map you'll need on your quest... Can he be trusted?

Recommended Players: 2-8
Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard

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