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A Spot of Tea Extended Story

   Conrad Michaels had grown weary of the spotlight. Since solving the case that made him a household name he had the media constantly hounding him as well as every two bit criminal with delusions of grandeur calling him out. A few gave Michaels a bit of a challenge he'll admit but he'd be lying if he said that any of the cases he had cleared in the last 8 months were noteworthy. His peers weren't helping matters either, not that he blamed them. While many deserved to wallow in his shadow after writing him off before when he made detective; there were those he considered friends that had even grown resentful. It was time for a break.


Portlaoise Prison (Portlaoise, Ireland)

Pushing around the small ball of cheese she had formed on her plate, Iris couldn't help but think of her tiny companion Mr. Jingles. She had been watching The Green Mile while planning a heist when her map of the building she was marking started to move. Seated diagonal to her on the far end of the floor was this rodent nibbling away at the corner. Now most people would have been startled or even caused a scene but Iris always had an affinity for these creatures. One of her earliest memories is of a stuffed mouse her parents bought her for her birthday. The only item she had growing up to remember them by after a fire claimed their lives and left her orphaned.

  Grabbing a piece of bread, Iris lured her new friend towards her. At the same time on the tv screen, another mouse was making his presence known. Iris had an idea. Slowly, she got up and when she returned she placed a small wooden spool in front of the mouse. To her amazement, the little guy began rolling the spool towards her just like the one on the film. "I think we found a name for you, Mr. Jingles" as she scooped him up and place him on her shoulder.

The two had been inseparable ever since. Until now that is as a guard jolted Iris out of one of her fondest memories.

                  "Hey Trenton! Your boyfriend's on." The guard laughed and other inmates began to laugh. On a small screen in the corner what appeared to be a press conference was being held. She couldn't hear what was being said but the banner across the bottom was clear "Famous NY Detective taking sabbatical".

"Hmmm....a vacation does sound nice" as Iris plopped the ball of cheese into her mouth.

2 months later

Michaels had been traveling around the globe, experiencing several cultures, when he decided to settle in London. He had always wanted to visit England and seeing as he had nowhere to be he opted to rent a small flat on a monthly basis until he was ready to go back home. It had only been a couple weeks into his stay when a telephone call interrupted his afternoon brunch.

"Detective Michaels, this is Inspector Ragland of Scotland Yard. I'm sorry to wake you as I know it's quite late in the states...."

"Inspector, I'm guessing no one told you I'm on London actually."

"This can't be a coincidence then."

"I'm not quite sure what you mean, Inspector."

"A crime has been committed at the The Dickens Museum".

"What does this have to do with me?"

"Our investigators didn't notice it at first until a curator told us it was not part of the exhibit."

"Something was left for you at the scene? If you're saying what I think you're saying, it can't be her. She is in prison."

"That's what we thought as well until they checked her cell.....a decoy has been pretending to be her for the last 3 days if accounts are correct"

"Why didn't the French authorities and Portlaoise inform me or even my superiors?"

"Quite honestly I think they were embarrassed as even the French were uninformed...but Detective she's not done."

"She never is.....has anyone figured out what she's after next?"

"We have but we don't think it's right...I mean it's a joke among thieves and law enforcement."

"Let me guess...the crown jewels?"

"Yes Detective, she can't be serious though. She has to be toying with us."

"With Iris anything is possible. Thank You for the call Inspector, I'll be in touch."

---"Really Iris, the crown jewels? Do you expect the Queen to just hand them over to you at Buckingham Palace?"

Detective Michaels turns his head towards the young woman who surprised him this morning when he thought he was going into a little hole in the wall breakfast cafe.

"Oh Detective, you know the crown jewels are in The Tower of London but well acted on your part by not giving me up to Inspector Ragland."

"You didn't give me much choice" as he nods towards the gun in Ms Trenton's hand.

"Yes, I do despise these wretched things but I needed your attention. Anyways, enjoy your tea and crumpets, HAHA......

I have a date with the Queen.

Can you best Iris Trenton again and stop her from stealing the crown jewels?



Enigma High. -1985


 Local student Arnold Perlstein dies tragically.

 Ms. Frizzle is accused of meddling in witchcraft after stories of her "field trips"

leak.  She barricades herself in her classroom. An unexplained fire breaks out consuming the school in flames. There was no way out and the school burns down. Ms Frizzle's body is never recovered. The school is rebuilt in 1994 over the original school.


Fall 1994 

Wanda, Dorothy, and John while in the library find an old leather bound book. In it are weird markings and very strange stories with even stranger pictures. 

 Later that week, Mrs. Halliwell is monitoring the cafeteria when she notices a strange mark on Wanda's arm. Inquiring about it causes the kids to grow quiet. The lunch bell rings and the kids rush to leave when the old book they found falls out of John's bag. 

Mrs. Halliwell picks it up and in turning it over immediately recognizes the book. 

It is the Book of Shadows.  


"WHERE DID YOU GET THIS!" She exclaimed.  


"Geez, it was in the library what's the big deal?" As John reaches for the book. 


Pulling away, Mrs. Halliwell says "I'll be returning it for you, now get to class".


"But you can't jus---"


"I said get to class! Go! Now!"


The kids defeated, leave the cafeteria as Mrs. Halliwell tries to understand how the book got here. Unfortunately, her sisters volunteered for a teacher exchange program overseas so they'll be of no help but there is one other person she can turn to. 


Coach Marnie is finishing up her playbook for this weekend's big game against HT High when Mrs. Halliwell burst through her door. 


"Marnie, we have a problem". 

*She drops the book on the desk*

**Marnie looks down in shock**


Marnie: "Wha---How? I don't understand. Piper, isn't it locked up?" 


Piper: "Yes, someone made a copy and it gets worse"

*Marnie is even more confused*


Piper: "Pages are clearly missing, torn out...including......."


Marnie: "No, It's gotta be a mistake. Our parents, our grandparents even assured us tha-"


Piper cuts in "It's not, the exact page the spell was on in our book that was burn out years ago was in this replica and it's been torn out as well. It can't be a coincidence as how would someone know to make that page there."


Marnie: "There are not many around who do but surely no one we know is foolish enough to cast it." 


Piper: "There is one...."


Marnie: "He's dead"


Piper: "You and I both know that never stopped him before". 


Marnie: "Piper......" 


Piper: "His page is missing as is the one about the Guardians. "


Marnie: " OH MY GOD! Piper, what other pages?"


*In Class* 


"Can you believe Mrs. Halliwell? What a bi-"

*Prof Furlong looks towards them*

"John shut up" Wanda looks back at Prof Furlong smiling as he resumes his lecture.


"Sorry, but we gotta get the book back"

"John is right" 

"Dorothy, we don't need the book. We have everything we need right here."

*Wanda opens her bag to show the torn out pages* 


"Now you two, let the others know we're meeting at the school tonight to do this thing."


*11pm outside the school*

"Wanda, it's so dark out here where are you??"

"Boo!" *everyone screams* *Wanda laughs*

"Not funny Wanda" Dorothy chides her. 

"Oh calm down and follow me"


Wanda leads everyone into a side door of the school that leads down into the basement. 

"I didn't know our school had a basement. "

"It doesn't actually, this is part of the old school from the 80's."


"Old school?" 

"Ugh, didn't your parents teach you anything? 

The school burned down with a teacher still inside. Was a huge deal". 


"I heard she burned the school down herself and fled the country". 


"I heard Mr. Snyder was just an old pot head and accidentally burned the school down." 


*Everyone looks at Xander*

"What?! My dad said the guy was bad news". 


"Anyways, let's set up."


Setting up the circle and materials gathered, Wanda tells everyone to close their eyes and leads them in chanting the words from one of the torn out pages. 

*with an eye open* John says "Are you sure this will guarantee straight A's for the rest of the year?"

Wanda grins and says "Trust me John, tonight is gonna change your life". 


The lights go out, kicking on an emergency light, Wanda is on the ground. "WANDA!"


Just then, Piper & Marnie burst into the room. 


"You're too late ladies"

A dark figure steps into the red glowing light 

"Kalabar" Marnie hisses. 

"In the flesh, thanks to Wanda there. Oh don't be so upset, she'll be fine. The same can't be said for you both and the rest of this town." 


"Kalabar, you know you can't bring her back." 


"Like hell I can't! At midnight, my beloved will be reborn and she will finish what she started. The Halliwells & Cromwells stopped her last time but your families aren't here now. Besides, you two will have enough problems getting out of here" 

Kalabar waves his hand, sealing the doors and disappears. 


"Mrs. Halliwell I am so sorry, we didn't know". 

"It's alright John, let's help Wanda up". 


"Wanda...Wanda...can you hear me?"


"Errr...wha happened? Ow! My head"


"Wanda, I need you to remember what did you do with the other pages you took". 


"Other pages I to-----Oh No No no, he made me" Wanda starts to freak out. 


"Wanda! I need you to focus. We don't have much time." 


Wanda starts to look around, "They're in here somewhere. I remember locking them up." 


"Kalabar, made you lock them up?"


"No, I did. He didn't know, I was so scared so I hid some of the pages. I'm sorry but that's all I remember." 


"Hey don't be sorry, that's good. We just need to figure out what exactly you did." 


The rest of the kids look to their two teachers

"What is it?" Piper & Marnie ask.


"Who will be reborn?"


"The darkest witch the world has ever seen......Ms. Frizzle."



Can you figure out how to stop Kalabar from bringing back Ms. Frizzle and escape Enigma High?

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