While leaderboards aren't as common anymore,
we do still get asked
"What's The Best Time in This Room?"

Compiling the data, we found out something interesting.

Enigma High: Season of The Witch
has never been solved without clues! 

1. Internia- 45 mins 25 secs

So now until August 16th, 2022, 
we are issuing a Challenge to every team that plays
Season of The Witch.......Can you escape with NO CLUES?

The Best Time with No Clues after August 16th
will win a
$50 Gift card to Bubba's 33 

All other times will be on short list for testing of new rooms

The Rules: 

-Escape must be completed in 60 minutes
-Group cannot ask for any hints/clues
-A nudge (ex. "Turn the paper over") is NOT a clue.
-All Locks must have been opened.
-Groups cannot have played the room before.
-Groups found to have played the room before or
clearly are found to have been told the answers to the room will be disqualified.